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At an early stage, we have focused our attention on a large number of punched materials. As such, we can offer you not only simple steel washers in different hardness classes, but also standard washers in brass, copper and aluminium. In the past, we have added materials in the high-strength stainless steel HV 200, HV 300, or sealing rings in copper or aluminium.

Even special materials such as lead, hard paper, Teflon,
laminated paper or fibre sheet, are available with us and can be offered as required.

A variety that competes at an international level

In addition, we also manufacture penny washers and hinge rings in steel and brass or cup washers in brass or stainless steel. In addition, there are more than 1,000 tools for non-standard dimensions according to your drawings or samples in the above-mentioned materials.

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In order to round off the offer, we also offer the parts with the desired surface, whereby we can rely on our extensive stock with Cr-VI-free coating such as geomet, zinc / nickel or thick layer passivation.

Challenge us so that you can procure the required parts for your application or needs directly from us.